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Snohomish Chamber Volunteer and Special Recognition Awards

 2015 Chamber Volunteer of the Year Award:  Chewey Nuss, Fred's Rivertown Alehouse. 

 Chewey has been a Chamber Board Member for 6 years, the Chair of the Snohomish Wine Festival Committee for the past 2 years and on the committee for 4 years.   The past 5 years, he has been a member of the Car Display and GroundFrog Day Committees, and hosts the pre-GroundFrog Day special "Meet Slew" event at Fred's Rivertown Alehouse.  He has also assisted with the Chamber BBQ for the past several years. Chewey has become one of our greatest volunteers for the annual Snohomish Classic Car and Hot Rod Display.  Over the last several years he has given countless hours to the event with soliciting sponsors, worked on both set up and breakdown of barricades and spends the Car Display day working the event.  We rely on Chewey to get the job done! 

 2015 Community Volunteer of the Year Award:  Lisa Saunders, Snohomish Boys and Girls Club

Lisa is a very busy lady!  As a member of the Staff at the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club she is constantly involved in their every project for fundraising.  She does the food for the Boys & Girls Club "Breakfast of Champions", Annual Mystery Wine Auction and coordinate the Kla Ha Ya Flag Football Tournament.  You would think she would get her fill of volunteering as an extension of her job but Lisa is also a person who is there in the community to help with other events and fundraisers.   She volunteers for the Kiwanis Auction, HDS Wine Walk events, a returning volunteer at the Chamber Wine Festival and volunteers for the annual Kla Ya Day, Making Spirits Bright, holiday fundraiser.  We are happy to recognize Lisa for her volunteer efforts that support our youth, non-profit organizations and the business community.  

 2015 Spirit of Snohomish Award: Carol Robinson

The spirit of Snohomish award is given to a person that is passionate and exemplifies the understanding that the Community of Snohomish is indeed special. This person is always willing to assist where needed in the community and eagerly volunteer. Carol Robinson is involved in the following: The Chamber's Easter parade, Wine Festival  and GroundFrog Day. She is on the Board of the Snohomish Education Foundation (scholarships).  She is a talented seamstress and creates costumes for the Glacier Peak's drama department productions.  Carol volunteers at the Community Kitchen,  gives hours to the Community Garden benefiting the Snohomish Community Food Bank and Boys and teaches sewing lessons at the Boys & Girls Club.  One of Carol's service passions is demonstrated in her dedication to the Girls Scout organization and has been involved in their Snohomish area activities for years.  Her compassion and positive attitude are contagious.  It is an honor to give her this special recognition. 

 Special Community Project Volunteer: Gordon Everett, Executive Paster, Snohomish Community Church

 The City Wide Clean Up Day Project was started many years ago.  Organized by City Public Works,  Parks Foundation, and other community groups, the Snohomish Spring Clean up crew was happy to see when 50 volunteers responded.  Over the past 4 years this event has grown to a project that sees hundreds of volunteers swarming streets, parks, with rakes, trash bags, shovels, and heavy duty gloves to shake off the winters build up of trash, re-build, re-plant and - re-beautify the streets, public spaces, parks and trails in Snohomish making a huge difference to our city's landscape.  How did this happen...we want to thank Gordon Everett, Executive Pastor of Snohomish Community Church for stepping up with the huge push to get community churches involved, and to assist the City in recruiting volunteers and organizing the projects.  This year over 500 volunteers attended and in 4 hours accomplished 28 Snohomish area projects!   


30 years of Service Award:  Snohomish Education Foundation A Strong Community, Growing Stronger It was by serendipity that our two founding members, Marian Berge and Mal Harding, a Snohomish Chamber Past President,  each just having returned from separate conferences, decided to join the buzz around school foundations. They recognized the long tradition of Snohomish support for its schools, and realized that creating a foundation was natural undertaking for this community. That was 1986. Since then, SEF’s efforts to broaden educational opportunities that help student in the Snohomish School District to flourish has been the focus of the organization for 30 years. "Remember the past, Celebrate the present, & Imagine... the next 30!"